Why You Should Update Your Listing?

Keep your Sales History

If you have pretty old listings with great sales history, if you won’t update your listing, eBay will probably remove your listing and you would lose sales history.

Better for eBay SEO

Having https secured URL is one of the newly introduced guidelines of this policy, converting your listing compliant to the active content policy will increase your listings rank in both Google and eBay search.

Enhanced Responsive Structure

Last year, along with active content policy eBay made changes to its own structure to serve mobile users more efficiently. This policy if used properly enhanced the view of your listing description among mobile devices which ultimately helps in increasing sales.

Important Notes Before Revising Your Product Listings

Did you use Custom Listing Template?

If you are using a custom designed template to list products on eBay, you need to make sure your template code comply with this new policy. If it doesn’t, you will have to update your template and revise all your listings with new template code.

We can help you to implement a new template or modifying the existing one to ensure it meets with eBay’s new active content policy.

Make sure to test the template properly before using it.

Did you use third party listing tools?

If you are using third party listing tools like Inkfrog, Auctiva, Channel Advisor or M2E PRO, you may have probably integrated your listing template within these tools.

Once you implement a template that complies with eBay’s new policy, you can integrate new template within your preferred listing tools and revise all listings again to ensure all listings have a new template code In product description.

Did you list products manually?

If you are not using any third party listing tools or haven’t used it in past, you may have probably listed your products manually in the old manner.

If your no. of listing is fewer, let’s say in between 50-100, you may probably revise all listings again manually with a new template.

If no. of products are huge and the no. will grow every month, you should probably think of adopting a new third party listing tools through which you can import all your listing tools and apply a new template with bulk product revisions.

If you are not sure what to do, you can grab a free consultation with our technical executives and we can guide you the right direction to update all your listing smoothly without impacting on sales history.

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