Why Choose SolidCommerce?

DropShipping Becomes Simpler

Making dropshipping easier and smoother is the beauty of the SolidCommerce. When you are selling someone else products or drop shipping it directly from other sellers, the tedious job is to send each order information to the prospective supplier and also manage the product price and quantity.

With help of SolidCommerce, now you can connect your supplier’s inventory directly with marketplaces and can also send each order information to prospective supplier automatically.

Professional Listing Template and Synchronization

When you have 1000+ products in a different niche, you would need to create many data template and listing template personalize to specific product niche.

SolidCommerce offers you to create an almost unlimited template for various product niche. So, if you offer free shipping to one niche and flat cost to other, you don’t need to define your shipping cost for each product. Instead just need to specify data template name and it’s done!

Creating Product Datafeed at Ease

Each marketplace accepts different product data feed and we need to create a product data feed for each individual marketplace to list products for sale.

Most of the other solutions available in the market for multi-channel marketing restrict users to create a CSV file or required to understand each marketplace rules.

SolidCommerce is one of the platforms that provides full flexibility of uploading excel file and its ready-made excel template for each marketplace helps a lot in preparing data feed even if you are totally amateur for a specific marketplace.

With our experience using SolidCommerce, we can quote it as one of the simplest solutions for newbies in the market.

Automated Re-pricing

Selling on a marketplace like eBay and Amazon require offering best possible price to buyers compared to other sellers and being competitive is one of the main factors to sell successfully.

With SolidCommerce automatic re-pricing feature, you can match the price of your Amazon listing with other marketplaces. Furthermore, you can also specify some rules based on your base price present on Amazon.

So, instead of doing daily research on your competitors and the price they offer, use re-pricing option to automatically update product prices on other marketplaces than Amazon.

Key Features of SolidCommerce
  • Ready-made excel template for each marketplace
  • Create pricing and inventory rules for different marketplaces
  • Automate order processing and communication with your buyers across all sites you sell
  • Directly synchronize your supplier’s inventory and price with marketplaces
  • Send order information directly to your suppliers/dropshippers
  • Simple and easy to use dashboard for day to day management
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Amazing Outcomes
Hire Solid Commerce Experts from eBay Ninja

With years of experience in selling on marketplaces, we have achieved expertise on generating sales with the use of our result proven optimization strategy and modern tools.

Hire SolidCommerce experts from eBay Ninja to establish your online store across all major marketplaces and automate product inventory, management and order processing.

We believe in the smarter business process and SolidCommerce helped our clients a lot when the inventory is huge and have limited time constraint.

With our training and after sales customer support, you would enjoy selling on marketplaces and would master the skills of multi-channel marketing.

You can hire eBay Ninja for first-time set-up or regular maintenance contract on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly bases.

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