How it works?

We have developed our own custom application that extracts product information from any live eBay/Amazon listings into basic CSV format.

That means, all the information that you have added to your ebay/Amazon listing can be extracted using our application and then we can use the same data to upload to your Magento store. Once we export all your live listing, we format that data as per Magento’s accepted CSV format and upload all your listings as products in your Magento catalog through bulk CSV uploading.

What data can be exported?
  • Product Name/Title
  • eBay product description(Full HTML)
  • Amazon product description
  • Amazon Featured bullets
  • Product Images (all images that you have uploaded at the time of creating listing)
  • Product/Seller SKU
  • ASIN/EAN or any other product ID (if you have added)
  • Product categories
  • Variation data ( Color, Size & all custom attributes present in your listing).
  • eBay item specifics
  • Amazon technical specification
  • Amazon custom attributes
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Can I export eBay Store/Amazon categories and arranged in same way in Magento?

Yes, once we export your listings from eBay/Amazon account we can create exact same categories on Magento and assign the products to appropriate categories at the time of formatting bulk upload the CSV file.

What types of products can be exported?

We can import all types of products, including simple, configurable (listing with variations), digital products which you have in your marketplace account.

Where images are hosted?

We recommend you to host images on your own server so you can have complete control over your product images. If you don’t want to host on your own server, there is an option available to use external Image URL into Magento which displays images from external sources (from eBay or Amazon).

How many products you can export?

Depending on store size, we either export products by specific category or in a bunch of 500 or 5000. It all depends on the size of your store and product type. It is much easier to export simple products compared to products with variations.

What’s the price?

Again, it depends on no. of products you have and type of products. We analyze your store and would provide you a custom quote based on the complexity of data and size.

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