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About MuscleU and Protein King
An Australian-based supplement store wanted to revamp its eBay stores for their two individual brands having average monthly sales of $2k-$3k/Month. With our eBay optimization and marketing strategy, we achieve monthly sales of $15,000 within 3 to 4 months.

Services Offered
  • Shopify to eBay Integration
  • eBay Listing Optimization Strategy
  • eBay Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Performance Analytics & Maintainance
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Centralize Inventory System through Shopify to eBay integration:

Customer had two individual brand websites built on Shopify. We implemented Shopify to eBay integration through Codisto and establish a proper system through which we can automate new listing creation, stock updates and order processing. The system enabled us to manage & updates hundreds of eBay listings with least efforts and time.

Customize eBay Templates :

When you wish to achieve extra ordinary growth, listing template plays an important role in establishing brand impression on eBay. Our experts had designed template that illustrate great product presentation and offered seamless shopping experience across all devices & browsers.

We had two brands that were selling similar product range with little bit of price difference. With an aim for an individual brand growth, we designed a 100% customized eBay template that is unique to specific brand along with integrating design that matches closely with their Shopify websites.

Optimizing eBay Listings for Organic Growth:

At eBay Ninja, we believe in controlled experiments for optimizing listings based on past performance history and sales data analytics. For each product category, we carried out detailed keyword research using Google Adword & eBay tool and done extensive product research using solutions like Terapeak and Zick Analytics to optimize the listing titles and other aspects to bring maximum impact.

We analyzed the keywords used in title, title pattern, impression and click through rate and overall sales of top sellers in the category and optimized our eBay listings following best tactics of all, ensuring our listings quality matches with top sellers in the category.

Standard Paid Promotions: :

The customer wanted to achieve growth quickly and having paid campaigns on eBay is the way to test your product performance. We have setup eBay standard promotions that are based on Ad sale percentage and we pay only when sale happens through promotions. The nature of standard promotion enables us to maintain the advertising cost in control based on profit margin of specific brands and still maintain consistent sales. As a result, we achieved 30-35% of sales growth through standard promotions on eBay.

Advanced eBay PPC Campaigns:

For products with high profit margin, we have setup advanced pay per click campaigns that allowed us to advertise our products based on specific keywords & search terms on eBay.

Brand/Product Based Campaigns:

For this campaign, we have targeted brand specific keywords and exact product name specific keywords. These campaigns target the buyers who are already aware of the products or purchased the products in the past. This group of customers is the most potential buyer as they already have knowledge of the products and just looking for a quick way to make purchase.

We place the bid strategically and kept our pricing attractive which had increase the sale through rate and also helped us achieve targeted sales with little bit of extra advertising cost.

Generic Keyword:

To target the wide range of customers, we create campaigns based on generic keyword groups in which lots of other brands falls as well. As these were generic keywords, we analyzed the performance of campaigns on daily bases to place the bid carefully that doesn’t exceed our advertising budget and continuously made changes on bid price based on product/keyword performance to setup the most optimized campaigns and keywords.

We have created 150+ Ad groups spread across 30+ campaigns targeting various brands and categories and executed multiple micro campaigns to analyze the performance from all aspects.

Continuous Analysis, Monitoring and Adjustments:

For each of the marketing tasks ( Organic and paid campaigns), our data analyst monitored the performance on daily based for 2-3 months of time and made continuous adjustments to gain the best ROI for the paid campaigns.

As a result, we could achieve the 300% growth within 3-4 months of time.



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Customer’s Feedback

Our sales were dropping consistently and we trusted eBay Ninja for optimizing our eBay stores and listings. We have wonderful experience and very pleased with their optimistic approach and quick execution.

-Joel Harrison, MuscleU & Protein King Australia