About It Hardware Stores
Ithardwarestores, trading as SBS Data System, has 14+ years of industry expertise as a distributor of computer hardware devices & Ciska network components. They wanted to expand their presence on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, onbuy and wanted to take a advantage of Stock In the Channel, Uk’s largest dropshipping platform, for computer spare parts and other hardware devices.

eBay ninja delivered a 100% custom Magento 2 website that is integrated with Stock In Channel, eBay, Amazon, Onbuy and created a multi-channel setup on Magento 2 through which they can manage all their sales channels from their Magento website backend.
Services Offered
  • Magento 2 Website Design
  • Integration of Website with Stock in Channel DropShipping Platform
  • Magento to eBay, Amazon, OnBuy and Google Shopping Integration
  • Training & Consultation
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Website Design that Expands Customer’s Branding:

Selling on eBay or Amazon is easier due to their reputation and popularity but when you want to sell the same products on your website, you got to do everything right from the start. Gaining buyer’s trust and confidence becomes far more challenging and your website design is the starting point of your customer’s journey.

It’s hard to trust on the website built with pre-made theme or template. That’s why at eBay Ninja we recommend every customer to spare some fund for customized design rather than going with readymade theme.

With our UNLIMITED DESIGN REVISIONS policy, we ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with our delivered design and it’s visual layout.

Dynamic Mega Menu: :

Stock in Channel feeds the product with hundreds of categories into Magento. We have designed the menu a way that adjusts the top level categories in design dynamically and offers great navigation to all important categories to buyers, ensuring every product is easily reached with easy to use navigation and smartly designed link structure.

Plenty of Space to Display Promotional Products:

You want to display most profitable products/categories on home page of your website. With our creative design ideas, we had placed plenty of section which enables customers to highlight specific categories or manual selection of products on home page through easy-to-manage backend options.

Dynamic Banner Slider:

Most of the customers can’t manage the sliders on their own. We integrated a custom slider module which helps customer to create interactive banners with text without any technical expertise.

Cart Popup, Customized Cart page With Interactive Buttons:

Cart popup menu features the quick paypal checkout option without navigating to cart/checkout page, products with thumbnail to see added items and interactive buttons to cart and checkout pages, offers quick option to finish their order on website.

A Layout Good for Any size of Devices / UI Compatible with All Screen Sizes :

Multi-device compatibility is the must with any kind of assets you design to capture online sales. Our QA team ensures that the layout is compatible with small to large screen sizes and multiple browsers to enrich user experience in any browsing environment.

Customized Checkout Pages with Minimal Fields:

Due to the competition, it’s very important for you to create checkout process that requires minimal efforts from buyers to place order. We have customized the checkout process in two steps, first step to fill buyer’s shipping and billing info where second step leads to completing the final payment. Thus, enabled buyers to place orders as guest and directly through paypal express checkout as well without submitting information to website.

Integration with Marketplaces:

Creating a a cloud platform which enables customers to manage all their sales channels was the key objective. We wanted to make sure that customers can push all the products to marketplaces as well with least efforts and in a most efficient way.

With our experience, we recommend M2E PRO to integrate Magento 2 platform with customer’s eBay and Amazon account and Cedcommerce to integrate onbuy.

We have setup automated rules, listing profiles, shipping policies and other configurations a way that helped us to list products in bulk withough compromising the quality.

Customized Email Templates :

Email templates plays an important role when it comes to establish a professional relationship with customers. We didn’t limit ourselves designing important pages only, we extended our offering and customized the email templates as well. Three e-mail templates were delivered based on user’s action of creating an account, finalizing the order, order invoice & shipment creation.

Thus, ensuring the delivery of powerful e-commerce website that is built to generate great revenue!



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Customer’s Feedback

It’s been wonderful experience working with Nirav and team. We are very pleased with the website design and its integration with other channels. Looking forward to hire again.

-Suhel Esmile,