Magento 1 to Magento 2 Website Migration
JLS Surplus industries wanted to migrate their website from Magento 1 to Magento 2 a way that doesn’t hinder their current business operations and offer a reliable solutions on Magento 2 with the same features, modules and extensions installed on their current Magento 1 website.

Furthermore, the customer was managing their eBay and Amazon listings through M2E PRO and wanted to migrate marketplace listings without losing sales statistics.

After studying their current Magento 1 website in detailed, our Magento developers offered a perfect solution that can work for long-term without making a whole in customer’s pocket.

Magento 2 Website
Services Offered
  • Magento 2 Server Configuration & Development Environment Setup
  • Product & Customer Database Migration from Magento 1
  • Custom Magento 2 Website Design
  • Payment Gateway Integrations : Paypal & Stripe
  • Shipping Integration: UPSC, UPS, Fadex, DHL
  • Magento 2 to eBay & Amazon Integration through M2E PRO

Migrating to Magento 2

When you are running a successful online website for the couple of years, you have valuable data of customer’s order history and product sales insights that you must not lose when you migrate to any new system.

Having 25,000+ orders and 40 k+ customers database, our developers implemented a development server where we installed Magento 2 and migrate all the important data from their current website. This way, we ensured that the current website operation would stay intact until we launch new Magento 2 website and customer can verify the data and get himself aware of new system before a full launch.

Our Magento developers used combination of migration tools and performed peer to peer database migration so all the data from Magento 1 website can be transferred in exact same format in Magento 2 as well.

Furthermore, we have made a list of extensions and modules which were installed in Magento 1 website and found the similar extensions which were compatible with the latest Magento 2 version and configured those extensions so customer can have the same functions and usability with Magento backend to easily manage their new Magento 2 website.

Being an official M2E PRO partner, we know how important it is to migrate the marketplace listings in exact same format with all sales statistics. Our marketplace experts have configured M2E PRO and implemented exact same settings which customer has on Magento 1 website. Thus, customer won’t require learning anything new with the new Magento 2 system when it comes to marketplace listing management.

Magento Website Design From Scratch

Along with migrating to new platform, your website must offer good user experience which complies with modern browsers, devices and all other viewing medium through which your customers may access your website.

With our expertise and proven experience in e-commerce industry, we have designed a well-planned layout that follows modern e-commerce design trends and offers a best user experience throughout the customer order purchase journey.

We have designed a wireframe to ensure customer understand what elements go where and then offered an actual design drafts of various pages for review and offered free revisions until 100% confirmation.

Few Great Features of New Magento 2 Website:

  • A modern responsive design compatible to all browsers, devices and screen sizes.
  • A dynamic Mega menu that offers quick access to all product categories.
  • An easy to manage slider banner to featured on-going promotions and deals!
  • Dynamic new arrival section of important categories to display new products on the website.
  • A quick product view section and add to cart features which customers can use to purchase products without navigating to actual products.
  • Customized Magento checkout pages with Paypal and Stripe payment gateway integrations.
  • Customized user registration, view cart and account log-in pages.
  • Multi-channel system to manage eBay and Amazon accounts directly through Magento 2 website dashboard with use of M2E PRO.
  • Magento 2 is integrated with Shipstation so customer can update all the marketplace and websites orders directly from Shipstation.
  • UPSC, UPS, Fadex, DHL and shipping profiles are integrated based on customer’s requirement to offer various options to buyers.
  • Professional email templates that integrate business branding on each email sent to customer on order purchase, newsletter subscription and account creation.
  • A well-tested and well-optimized website which Is capable of handling great load and loads quickly on all modern browsers and devices.

For every new customer, We offer a customized quote based on the project requirement and special needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us to grab a free consultation by an e-commerce expert and quote for your requirement.



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Customer’s Feedback

High quality work at very affordable rates! Very happy with my new Magento 2 website, it has all what I needed for daily management. Impressed with all the efforts and hard work of the team.

Craig Stirtz, JLS Industrial Surplus LLC

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