About, leading air tools and industrial equipment supplier, looking for the best way to manage their eBay store and a reliable solution keep in mind future extension to other marketplaces.
eBay Store
Services Offered
  • Woocommerce to eBay Integration
  • WP Lister Configuration & Support
  • eBay Shop Template
  • Product Listing Template
  • Migrating Existing eBay Listings

A few years back when the multi-channel solutions were not invented, it was a tedious and time-consuming job to list products on multiple sales channels with a professional template and then manages each channel separately on regular bases.

With modern third-party solutions and latest API tools, now it is possible to manage your marketplace listings from a single dashboard with just a few clicks with the right tools and method!

WP Lister for WooCommerce to eBay Integration

Having a website management experience on WordPress, we recommended WP lister considering the simple user interface and features offered by it.

Our marketplace experts have configured the WP lister with the customer’s eBay account and setup various listing profiles based on the website product categories. Each listing profile stores the settings for primary eBay category, eBay store categories, eBay item specifics and relevant shipping, payment and return policies.

An advanced configuration has been set up to synchronize the price, quantity and product information between the Woocommerce and eBay.

With Our Integration, the customer:

  • Doesn’t need to create additional product on eBay and can create a new listings on eBay based on existing Woocommerce products.
  • Doesn’t need to manage stock on eBay separately, inventory from website syncs automatically to eBay listings.
  • Doesn’t need to log-in to eBay to process orders, all eBay orders are imported into Woocommerce and he can upload shipment and tracking no. back to eBay .
  • Can leave automatic feedback based on predefined conditions.
  • Can manage multiple eBay accounts and channels and can create a separate listing profiles for each account with different settings.

Thus, a complete multi-channel solution that enables customer to manage his eBay account with least efforts & time has been deployed!

Redesigning of eBay Template from Scratch

Having a great brand presence through a website, it was necessary that the new eBay store template carries the same brand value for eBay buyers as well.

Our eBay designers have created a professional eBay store template with the same color theme and structure along with other elements that encourage eBay buyers to make a quick purchase decision.

The store template consists of store header with the brand logo, category navigation and big search bar, the middle section of the template is built with promotional slider banners, visually appealing featured category section, a section for newly listed products and footer is equipped with links to important categories, about us section, call to action buttons/graphics and newsletter sections.

A matching mobile responsive product listing template has been designed which comprises elements like a big image gallery with thumbnail,
short product description, price and available payment options, tabs for a detailed product description, technical specification, and business policies and a quick contact seller link to send any queries.

A listing template has been integrated into WP lister which retrieved the product information from the Woocommerce product catalog and prepares the professional HTML template automatically without any efforts.

Complete Training & Support

We don’t just deliver a perfect system for your store, we want you to utilize them properly with maximum benefits you can gain through the system.

We have conducted 1-on-1 training in which we have offered a complete overview of the system, how it works and complete consultation on how to manage the day to day tasks properly, thus empowering the customer to be self-sufficient to manage his e-commerce operation with ease.



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