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  • Magento to eBay Integration
  • M2E PRO Configuration & Training
  • Customized eBay Shop & Listing Template
  • Product Listing & Optimization

If you are selling online on multiple channels, having a proper multi-channel solution through which you can manage all your sales channels from a single dashboard should be your key goal in 2020 business growth strategy. Such a system doesn’t just make your routine work easier but also saves both time and efforts which you can spend on fulfilling core objectives like product and order management. is a company that sells popular American products to UK buyers. They wanted to integrate their Magento website with their eBay account for quick and easy transactions and in minimum time.

Being an official Magento application system integrator partner, we recommended them deploying M2E PRO as their multi-channel solution. M2E PRO comes with in-built features that are essential to run successful eBay stores. Thus, we configured their existing platform to manage their eBay account & sales directly and easily from the backend of Magento website.

Key Features of M2E PRO to eBay Integration:

  • No need to manage product information separately for eBay store, all data comes from Magento product catalog.
  • M2E PRO automation rules allow automatic listing creation on eBay based on product categories and pre-defined rules.
  • Separate business policies and templates for sending price, quantity and listing format, and other business data essential for creating successful eBay listings.
  • Auto inventory synchronization from Magento to eBay and vice-versa. Also, customization rules to send custom quantity to eBay.
  • eBay orders can be processed directly from the Magento dashboard including updating shipment details and tracking information back to eBay.
  • In-built feature to integrate customized product listing template to create a professional eBay description for listings.
  • Ability to setup M2E PRO cron job to run, process and synchronize inventory in real-time.

We don’t just stop at delivering a perfect system; we make every effort to increase eBay sales. Our expert eBay designers have implemented a 100% custom store & product template that represents the customer’s brand in a very appealing manner.

A store design includes the main promotional banner, a section to highlight important product categories, a section for new product launches, top navigation with mega menu, business proposals and value-added features to gain customer’s trust, and several other features that creates a positive image in the buyer’s mind.

Our custom template designs perfectly match the customer’s e-commerce website, thus improving and strengthening brand circulation among eBay buyers.



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Customer’s Feedback

M2E PRO introduced eBay Ninja for our M2E PRO configuration project and we have 100% satisfaction the way our project has been executed by Nirav and his team. We will surely hire Nirav for our other eBay stores.
– Garrie Deadman,

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