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Services Offered
  • Woocommerce to eBay Integration
  • Wp-Lister Setup & Training
  • eBay Storefront & Product Template

Ease of creating new eBay listings directly from your e-commerce website dashboard is one of the most useful features for online sellers. It saves both time and effort that you can spend on creating and managing new eBay listings which makes your sales operation easier as compared to the traditional methods of product uploading.

Recently, we assisted an eBay seller – The Jewelz – on automating their existing eBay sales operation to enable them to manage their eBay account from the WooCommerce website, seamlessly.

Multi-channel Solution on WordPress/WooCommerce

The Jewelz had stored entire products inventory and customer database on their WordPress website. We, therefore, recommended them on using WP-Lister, a plug-in that facilitates the management of eBay and Amazon accounts through WordPress.

Our multi-channel experts installed and configured the WP Lister with customer’s eBay account that enabled them to:

  • Create new eBay listings
  • Edit/update existing eBay listings
  • Automatically synchronize stocks from WooCommerce to eBay platform and vice-versa
  • Import orders from eBay and process them including updating order tracking information and shipping status
  • Import eBay customer feedback

Custom eBay Store & Product Templates

To help sellers increase eBay sales and strengthen their brand recognition, we have designed 100% customized eBay storefront and product listing templates that reflect the same design as the seller’s e-commerce website.

Subsequently, we integrated our custom-designed product template into WP-Lister and integrated it with WooCommerce attribute tags that enabled The Jewelz to list and showcase products in a professional design layout without the need to learn complex HTML coding.

1-on-1 Training

Regardless of how useful the system is, if our customers can’t utilize it efficiently, we don’t consider it as valuable. To ensure our customers can use our system expertly, we have a well-defined process to educate them on regular e-commerce tasks until they become fully aware of the system and gain confidence in utilizing it without any assistance.

After successful completion of the project, we provided training through communication tools like Skype Call and Teamviewer screen sharing to educate and enable The Jewelz on our system’s capabilities.



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