About Where Saints Go
At eBay Ninja, we insist our customers to have a unique eBay template that is personalized to their business and website branding. The short-term benefits of professional eBay template is to display all product information in very lucrative way to eBay buyers regardless of their screen sizes and devices and long-term benefits includes building and circulating your brand among large eBay customer base which then leads to direct website visits.

WhereSaintsGo, a Uk based online furniture store wanted to integrate branding on their eBay listings through customized template design. With our expertise, we succeed to deliver a mobile responsive eBay template that fulfills their branding objective along with increasing their eBay sales.
Services Offered
  • 100% Custom Branded Template
  • Template Integration Into Linnworks
  • Updating Existing eBay Listings with New Template
  • • Training & Consultation

Our Design Approach:

If you review the customer’s e-commerce website, you would notice uniquely designed elements placed strategically to give a slick and stylish look to their website and delivers simple and minimal user interface to their website customers. The website’s navigation, promotional elements, features product sections all are designed with a powerful presentation that creates unique impression on viewers.

Our design team tried to integrate all these sections into eBay template as well and delivered a template that doesn’t get old or boring even after couple of years.

A Large Mega Menu with Images and Category hierarchy:

When you hove over the “Shop Our Product” menu, it opens a large popup menu that displays entire product range in six vertical columns along with highlighting main categories with actual product images.

Such kind of mega menu is very rare in eBay listings because it’s hard to manage, hard to code and even harder to integrate with third-party listing solution. Building a such menu, your developers have to take extra care keep in mind mobile layout and varied screen sizes.

Image Gallery with Dynamic Thumbnail Adjustments:

When it comes to eBay listings, most of the image gallery either has a fixed amount of images or just use single image. As eBay doesn’t allow JavaScript, it’s hard to develop an image gallery with dynamic adjustments based on actual no. of images.

With our experience, we had developed a CSS based dynamic image gallery that automatically adjusts the thumbnail based on no. of actual product images as per each eBay listing.

Product Description Sections:

Customer’s product range is huge and we were after a layout that can be adapted to suites all categories. We divided the information in two sections, first section offers basic short introduction of product and the second section offers detailed product information (Additional Info + Dimensions) that covers all attributes that very product by product, thus creating a layout that suites well for any product type.

Responsive Layout Designed for Mobiles/Tablets:

Customer wanted to visualize how the design would look in mobile before implementing the HTML. Our designers had designed a separate mobile layout that gives an idea on how things would be presented to mobile users and implemented the exact same layout approved by the customer.

Tons of Additional Elements:

Your eBay template must look interactive and engaging if you are planning for brand establishment. We have integrated tons of additional elements that offer little extra information about customer’s business, shipping/return policies, additional categories and other interactive elements that add Premiumness to Its design.

Effortless Template Integration with Linnworks:

It’s easier to design a complex template but very hard to implement on your actual eBay listings. As customer was using Linnworks for their eBay listing management, we integrated our template HTML into Linnworks product description so he doesn’t have to worry about its complex coding & implementation. Our integration automatically creates professional eBay listings through Linnwork’s eBay integration.

With our template design, customer notices 30-40% sparks in product sales compared to using default eBay description.

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Customer’s Feedback

We were pleased with the communication and quick delivery of the project. They are very reliable and won’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone!

-Mark Wilman, wheresaintsgo.co.uk