Multi-channel Setup for SecureSpot & TheBollardCo.

The days are gone when we used to list products manually on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. With smarter tools and third-party multi-channel solutions, it becomes easier to create thousands of product listings in just few clicks considering you have proper product feed in your e-commerce store!

The customer owns two well known brands in Australia that sell bollards online and through retail outlet. They wanted to keep the operation of both brands separate through two individual websites built on Woocommerce, and hence wanted to manage their eBay and Amazon accounts from website backend. With eBay Ninja’s expertise in selling on marketplaces, we created a marketplace launch strategy, from account setup to listing products on both marketplaces. .

Services Offered
  • Woocommerce to eBay Integration
  • Woocommerce to Amazon Integration
  • Product Data Feed Management
  • Shipping Profiles and Templates Integration
  • Bulk Product Listing Creation
  • Codisto Cloud Configuration

Choosing a Right Solution:

As customer’s websites were built on Woocommerce, We have recommended a Codisto Linq, a cloud based solution that acts as a bridge between customer’s woocommerce website and marketplace accounts and offers proper integration to create listings, auto inventory sync and order management through website backend.

Being a cloud based solution, Codisto supports three major e-commerce platform, Magento, Shopify and Bigcommerce, that means if the customer would like to switch website from one platform to another, the marketplace listings can be migrated easily without any loss of data and thus offers seamless integration regardless of website platform.

Preparing Product Feed for eBay and Amazon :

Most of the new sellers ignore this step and starts listing on marketplace without collecting much insight on proper product attributes and data required to create listings properly on eBay and Amazon.

Based on each eBay and Amazon category you want to sell, there are certain types of product attributes you need to store in your system in order to create listings on both platforms. Additionally, Amazon follows strict data definition rules and guidelines according to which we have to store the information in exact same format accepted by Amazon.

Our data analysts have researched all important product attributes, its proper format and accepted values and created additional attributes especially for marketplace listing creation. With this step, we made the customer’s product data-feed future ready to expand into any new marketplace and also allowed us to process listings in bulk without any data error. The data includes attributes for eBay item specifics, ebay categories, Amazon features bullets, variation attributes, search terms, targeted audience and Amazon description.

Integrating Branding into eBay and Amazon

Just having a separate account isn’t enough, if you really want to represent two individual brands to buyers, you must design unique storefront and listing template for both brands.

We encouraged customers to register both brands under Amazon brand registry so both brand’s storefront can be customized as per their individual website theme and listings can be updated with A+ enhanced content.

For eBay, our designers have designed unique eBay listing template for each brand and integrated that templates into Codisto Linq so customer can create professional eBay listings without any efforts on their side.

eBay and Amazon Listing Creation:

After creating professional eBay templates and product feed for both accounts, the only thing was remaining to establish connection between Woocommerce and marketplaces so we can start listings.

Our marketplace experts carried out proper Codisto Linq configuration including creating default settings for both eBay & Amazon, creating selling templates for different categories, setting up shipping profiles and other necessary settings required for proper account management.

As a result, we could list products in bulk with just a few clicks on both eBay and Amazon and created proper system that syncs data between woocommerce and marketplace accounts constantly. Woocommerce works as centralize data management and inventory management system for all the channels and marketplace orders are being imported into Woocommerce for processing.

Training & Support:

Multi-channel system is not worth until your customers utilize it fully to manage their day to day e-commerce operation. At the end of each project, we have a procedure to educate our customers through 1-on-1 training through Skype/Teamviewer so he can manage the system on his own.

Thus, we offer 100% reliable solution and also ensure that our customers love it for efficient listing & account management!



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Customer’s Feedback

It's been pleasure working with Nirav and his team. 100% reliable & expert team for your marketplace store launch

-Joe Luppino,

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