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Key Features of InkFrog
  • Allows you to upload product data in bulk through CSV upload file.
  • An ability to import live eBay/Amazon listings and control it through Inkfrog.
  • Allows customizing listing template for all listing.
  • Seamless inventory management.
  • Product trends & competitor research.
  • Image hosting at affordable costs.
  • Manage multiple eBay/Amazon accounts from single log-in.
  • Listing analytic to measure your listing performance.
  • Bulk editing & changes to live items.
  • Manage each and every operation from single dashboard
  • Easy to use and maange your accounts with simple and user-friendly backend design
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Why Choose InkFrog?

Product Research & Insights

Selling successfully on eBay requires lots of research about the product niche you want to target. You need to analyze the product trends, a most promising selling price, the price offered by other sellers, product title pattern, right product category it belongs to etc.

With InkFrog, you can do all these research before listing your products. If you know about TeraPeak, it has almost all features as TeraPeak for Product Research.

Custom Listing Template

Just like all other tools, it also provides a custom listing template which automatically pop-ups the product information from its database using standard product tags provided by InkFrog.

If you are preparing a template for your products manually, it’s time to go for InkFrog which saves lots of time you have been spending after preparing product template.

Multi-Variation Listing Becomes Easier

If you have ever used eBay’s file exchange program, you may know how difficult it is to create datafeeds for variation style listing and managing SKUs. With InkFrog, creating variation style listing is much simple and easier and even novice sellers can prepare data feed or add manually with help of their instruction manual.

Multiple eBay/Amazon Accounts, Inventory Tracking & Shipping Integration

Once you start getting orders, managing up to date product inventory, tracking the orders and providing exact order information to your shipping services is the key responsibility to provide a positive experience to your customers.

With the use of InkFrog, now you can track inventory, orders and also integrate shipping apps so correct customer address and order details can be exported with available shipping carrier to ship the orders asap.

Also if selling on multiple eBay Ids and domain, you can manage all with single log-in and dashboard.

Manage Entire eBay Operation from InkFrog

With InkFrog, your entire eBay operation can be managed with the smoother process than eBay. Replying to your customers, cross promotions, creating newsletter templates, handling customer queries, revising your listing and all other tasks you want to do with your eBay store.

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