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Customizing Magento 1 Default Checkout for Better Performance & Usability

Offering a pleasant checkout process to your buyers is one of the key factors for a successful online store.

Your website checkout process must be simple and quick, offering all information in a professional manner.

If you notice, the default Magento checkout comes with 5 step process which may be very annoying to buyers and takes lots of time as well to complete an order successfully.

An alternative way is the “One Step Checkout”, which may seems overwhelming sometime as it displays all information on the single page.

To create a better buying experience, we have come up with a solution to provide a checkout process in the most simple format with two steps.

The first step acquires essential user information such as customer name, email, shipping address and second step acquires information on available shipping methods and payment gateways to complete the order.

To further optimize the checkout speed, we have used ajax based controls and kept the entire process on a single page, to end buyers it may look as two different steps but on the backend, everything happens on one page offering the most quicker way of checkout.

It has one more advantage compared to default Magento checkout, the customer can increase the quantity of any product in their cart and also delete any product from the cart at any checkout step, offering a complete flexibility to buyers for reviewing the orders and total price.

Our UX designers have done two column checkout design that further adds a charm to the overall process and presented in most professional manner.

Please let us know how we did!!

Soon, we would launch this extension to Magento marketplace and it would be available for all Magento 1.9 stores.

Services Provided

  • Customizing default Magento 1 checkout
  • Designing a professional two-step checkout process
  • Custom cart weight/price based shipping module
  • Payment gateway integrations with paypal, credit card, eWay

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