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Custom eBay Storefront, Product Listing Template & WP Lister Integration

Working Smarter is the integral parts of successful marketplace strategy. In a scenario when your stock updates every hour due to orders from various marketplaces, it is important to have a solution that can deal with frequent inventory updates and keep you ahead in process of delivering pleasant customer experience to your buyers.

Solidkit.com.au, an Australia based auto parts seller wanted a solution that helps them to keep up to date stock between their website and their eBay store and wanted to have a system that allows them to list products directly from their WooCommerce store.

With help of WP Lister, a WordPress plug-in which allows synchronizing the WooCommerce inventory with eBay & Amazon, we were able to deliver a solution that accomplishes client’s goals.

With help of WP Lister & our customized solution client is now able to

  • Perform the product listing, revising & other important tasks form website instead eBay
  • Manage inventory only on WooCommerce store & other marketplaces have updated inventory
  • Can list products with professional listing template without making any extra effort
  • Can process eBay orders directly from website with use of import order functions
  • Can leave feedback automatically based on buyer’s actions after purchase

Furthermore, a custom shop & product template designed by us helped client to establish better branding across eBay and helped to increase more sales with user friendly design built to impress buyers with proper call to action functions and product presentations.

Services Provided

  • Custom eBay Store & Listing Template Design
  • WP Lister Set-up & Configuration
  • Consultation & Training for Successful WooCommerce to eBay Integration

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