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Custom Shop, Listing Template & Integration with Shopify

At eBay Ninja, We always try to enhance our knowledge by taking challenging opportunities that we haven’t got before and try to explore new platforms that are helpful in listing products on marketplaces or helps in making selling process smoother for our clients.

Last month, we got a chance to work with one of the leading clothing brand having series of boutique stores in various states of US.

Their objective was pretty simple; they wanted to manage everything from their Shopify website. Whether listing new products on eBay or managing orders received from eBay or other marketplaces, for a smoother operation they wanted to precede it through their Shopify website along with having custom branding on their eBay store.

After hours of research on all available apps that can synchronize the Shopify store to eBay and helps in fulfilling client requirement, we decided to go with inkFrog Open.

With our expertise in the domain of custom eBay store & listing template, we succeed to create a customized store design that represents the correct value of brands and products in a manner that establishes engagement and trust with eBay users.

Within inkFrog Open, we have created different listing profiles and template according to various clothing category, so the client can imports all products from Shopify store to Inkfrog open and then list on eBay in bulk according to specific category products belong to.

With help of synchronization setting, we are able to customize a template within Shopify and can list products with custom template directly to eBay instead of preparing a template for each product manually.

Due to the robust functionality provided by inkFrog Open, we are able to synchronize the client’s Shopify store with eBay along with fulfilling all project requirement as discussed prior to initiating the job.

  • May 30, 2020
  • eBay
  • M2E PRO
  • Magento



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