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eBay Store and Codisto Tempalte Design for Australian Online Rug Store

In our experience of working with eBay/Amazon sellers for the last seven years, we have observed that better branding and product presentation impact your overall sales considerably along with directing values customers to your website from marketplaces!

All you need to do is to provide pleasant buying experience to your customers on marketplaces a way that makes their product purchase easier ever, this includes providing well-structured category navigation, various filter options to narrow the specific products search, quick way to find important information like return and shipping policies and well presented detailed product information so they don’t need to do any research anywhere else!!

Last month we got an opportunity to work with Australia’s well reputed online rug store,

Having profitable eBay sales channel, they wanted to implement similar branding elements like their current online websites and wanted to enhance the overall user experience of their eBay customers.

Customizing eBay Storefront :

Navigation & Category Structure

Sometimes it is very tough for sellers to create an efficient category structure that provides sufficient enough options to customers to find specific product they are looking for especially if you are selling a wide range of products with 100+ possible categories!

We recommend the client to create a category structure based on their past sales data and create store categories that cover the large and most common range of their products.

Our eBay store designers have converted their category structures into three different section of the store for easier reach.

Top navigation section contains the most common categories, these are the top level categories and under each top-level categories, we have displayed the drop-down of sub-categories.

We have created another section called “Featured Categories” which highlights the bestseller categories and clicking on those categories takes customers directly to the end products belongs to that specific category.

Design and placement of featured category section are chosen very carefully offering an image of products customer can expect along with positioning it at the most vulnerable place in design.

We Didn’t stop here, furthermore, we have created a section which customers can use to filter the products in most efficient manner, this includes the filter by Price, Color, and size of the rug.

We also included a banner slider that customer can use to highlight latest promotions and products of the store.

Thus, offering plenty of option for end users to reach to different products!!

Newly listed products:

Two rows of newly listed products placed under the featured category section to provide quick intro of the latest range available on eBay store.

Establishing Customer Trust:

A trust is a sole factor of why marketplaces like eBay and Amazon acquired more sales than your website!! Regardless of seller’s preference, they offer facilities of easier return, money back guarantee and quick customer support.

We have highlighted those points with nicely designed icons and text to gain the instant faith of customers and give them a complete piece of mind!

Custom Pages for FAQ, Rug Buying Guide, About us, Store Policies

When you are selling product worth a $$$$, you need to offer enough information about your store policies, FAQs and other important information that can increase customer’s knowledge and confident about your products.

We have created custom pages for all these information and offered quick reach to these pages as well!

Footer filled with links to important pages & categories

At last, we have designed a creative footer that offers buyers a plenty of options like newsletter subscription, add to a favorite button, links to important pages and categories.

Listing Template Design & Integration with Codisto Linq

Along with creating a stunning storefront, we design a matching product listing template which is mobile responsive and compliant with eBay’s new active content policy and standard guideline.

Product listing template design comprises of different sections like large image gallery on top followed by neat and clean product description. “You may like” section comprises of 4 relevant products to the main product for as cross-selling promotions, “why choose us” section presenting 8 important business offering and tabs for shipping, payment and return to provide sufficient information to make the quick purchase decision.

We have also integrated our designed listing template into Codisto Linq, a third party eBay listing tool, and demonstrate our design with 1 to 2 products.



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