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Creating Better Design, Optimized Code & Clean Template for Top Rated Plus eBay Seller

We have got another great opportunity to work with eBay Seller having Top Rated Seller plus Status and great selling performance.

The eBay Store was pretty old and had great success with their unique products which offer great flexibility to people in Camera & Film Industry.

They had default template of eBay for Storefront and listing template had lots of images and code built with old eBay standards and techniques.

Our main objective was to re-design the eBay store and listing template without hurting the current sales performance along with optimizing the code and usability of the template by representing product information in nice and clean manner.

With a couple of mock-ups & analysis of existing products, we came with a simple and nice storefront that matches with client’s e-commerce website for branding purpose and a listing template that is optimized well in all prospect of eBay’s Cassini search algorithm to gain better performance.

All design elements like images, Java Scripts, CSS and other codes are optimized so our new template doesn’t cause any page speed issue which is one of the most essential for increasing buyer engagement.

After completing the design of store & template, we have updated all products with a new template so the product performance stays intact while revising the listing.

Few low performing listings have been optimized by proper keyword insertion in a title and other analysis and research carried out to increase their performance.

With our hard work and efforts, we succeed to earn our client’s appreciation.

Thanks to Proam USA team for trusting eBay Ninja and choosing us for updating their eBay store.

  • May 30, 2020
  • eBay
  • M2E PRO
  • Magento



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