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Services Offered
  • Custom eBay Store Design
  • Custom eBay Listing Template
  • WP Lister Configuration & Integration
  • Training & Consultation

WooCommerce to eBay Integration for Listing & Order Management

Managing your eBay listing traditionally, do you ever feel you need a better solution to manage your product listing?

As we know, listing products on eBay directly takes lots of time and its much complicated when you want to customize a listing description that appears as eBay template in your eBay Listing.

With the evolution of third-party listing tools and website plug-ins, nowadays it becomes easier to manage your eBay listing directly from your website without any hassle.

Last month, we had an opportunity to work with a client who was listing products on eBay traditional way and wanted to have a system that makes the entire process much simpler and easier for her.

Having a website on WooCommerce, we recommend WP-lister, a WordPress plug-in that allows you to manage your eBay listing directly from the website.

Immediate impact of WP Lister on client’s eBay operation:

The client doesn’t need to log-in into eBay, as she can use WP Lister to list new products, revise existing products directly from the website.

It saves client’s time as she doesn’t need to list products on both website and eBay separately, she can just list on the website and can use same WordPress products to list on eBay.

Stock management becomes easier as WP Lister sync the product quantity on both websites and on eBay.

Processing order becomes easier as eBay orders are now imported into the website which is connected to Ship station for processing.

A professional listing template is directly integrated into WP Lister as a result client doesn’t need to insert product data into complex HTML for product customization.

Custom eBay Shop & Template Design :

When you are selling lifestyle products, it becomes essential to present your brand gracefully to your customers.

Looking at client’s key product categories, we have designed an eBay shop and template that immediately establish a brand presence in viewers mind along with presenting key product data like name, brand, images, and description in very professional manner.

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Customer’s Feedback

Nirav was always available on Skype during project discussion and very easy to work with when you are looking for changes or consultation to use solution.

We are surely looking for long-term relationship with Nirav for future projects.

– Lorna Servetter, Miriams Boutique