Migrating 80K+ eBay Listings from Prestashop to Magento with M2E PRO-min
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At eBay Ninja, we are passionate about solving our customers big challenges. We help them implement a multi-channel solution on which they can rely on to seamlessly manage their products listings across multiple sales channels.

Recently, we assisted a top-rated eBay seller with 80,000+ eBay listings spread across different geographies. The seller intended to upload new products and easily manage the product inventory across eBay Italy, eBay Motors, eBay Australia and eBay UK platforms.

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Services Offered
  • Prestashop to Magento Product Migration
  • M2E PRO Installation and Configuration
  • Live eBay listing migration
  • Custom eBay Shop and Listing Template Design

Product Migration from Prestashop to Magento

Effortless product upload and migration from their existing e-commerce store like PrestaShop to a new platform is a challenging task for most sellers; especially if their sales revenue is colossal. Subsequently, they need a tool to simplify their task and what could be better than Magento!

Uploading bulk products in Magento is a critical task in the successful completion of a project because all the attributes and product information should be transferred accurately in its exact format from PrestaShop to Magento.

With our robust experience in uploading over 1M+ products on various platforms, our developers seamlessly deployed the product migration process without the hassle of cumbersome and time-consuming manual data entry process.

We exported products from customers old Prestashop website, prepared CSV format for Magento, and updated all products in bulk into Magento. Product uploading included product name, all custom attributes, product images and other associated data stored on the customer’s Prestashop website.

We thus offered our customer a complete peace of mind as they no longer had to invest their time and efforts in secondary task of manual product listing, and they could focus on delivering company’s core objective of increasing sales revenue and strengthening brand recognition.

M2E PRO Configuration, System Administration and Live Listing Import

Being an official Magento application system integrator, we get an advantage to speak directly with the M2E PRO tech support team. With M2E PRO’s assistance and administration, we recommended our client a hosting system with a suitable server memory limit to manage all the product listings effortlessly and in a time-efficient manner.

We provided consultation to the client on the seamless synchronization of eBay listings with Magento products. It included importing live eBay listings into M2E PRO, creating eBay policies in M2E PRO and applying those policies to appropriate eBay listings. In the entire process, great care has been taken to ensure that the sales history associated with live eBay listings remains intact.

Customizing eBay Shop & Listing Template for Increasing Sales and Strengthening Branding

With a new website launched on Magento; we recommended our client to opt for an eBay template design that matches perfectly with the new Website theme.

We thus designed a custom template based on the customer’s branding needs and overall website theme structure. We integrated that template into M2E PRO to update all existing listing on a new template.

A separate template was also implemented for English eBay channels and other languages.

Training & Consultation

Client training is an essential part of our contract. We invest considerable time to educate and enable our clients on the system and its useful features to help them manage a successful store on their own without the need for constant technical support

Thus, after the migration, our technical support team provided comprehensive training on eBay operations through M2E PRO to our client. Subsequently, the customer can easily manage all their business operations on eBay without our assistance. Now, they can create new eBay listings, manage stocks and process orders directly from the Magento website.



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Customer’s Feedback

Nirav is a fantastic person to work with. Very patience and understanding and help you best in resolving any issues even after job completion.

– Alessandro Protti, Sestamarcia Racing Parts