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Redesigning a Website for

E-commerce is the world of innovation and new technologies. Every year, you need to present something new and interesting to your customers to keep them coming back to your website just like a Wallmart store introducing new products or seasonal discounts to attract new walk-ins to their stores.

However, as your website is your online assets, adapting the fresh design makeover as per latest e-commerce design trends and technology can be proved to be a great step in that direction. The new HTML5 standards and grid view make your website more compatible with continuously changing user behavior on the internet.

Recently, we got an opportunity to work with a local retail store, Historia Emporium, selling a huge range of products form small ship models, kids puzzles to historical books & kits. Having an old website built with basic Magento theme, we have implemented advanced customization to deliver a great user experience to their customers.

Design Process:

After a detailed discussion with the client about key business objectives and priorities, Our UX experts have guided our graphic designers to design a layout which fulfills client’s requirement along with offering a great visual design that attracts customers and helps in achieving higher conversions from the current website traffic.

A wireframe of the design has been presented to make the client understands about placements of various elements in the design, their importance and how they would perform functionally. With each project, We offer UNLIMITED DESIGN CHANGES to ensure that our design meets client’s expectation and our clients can suggest changes with full flexibility on their ends.

After the first design draft, we have asked for changes/suggestion and presented the new layout with a revised design. We follow the same process of review & revisions until final design confirmation from the client. The same process has been repeated for the rest of the website pages.

Designed with Keep in Mind Business Objectives

We have asked our client, what’s the first thing he wants to present to his customers when they visit the website? Based on the various objectives and a way we wanted to guide website visitors to view various sections and pages, we have designed a layout that fulfills the key website goals firsts. So, instead of leaving visitors on their own to navigate through the website, we gave priority to certain elements like Top selling categories, top selling products, promotional banners in design and placed those elements a way that somehow forced viewers to notice those elements first.

Fully responsive design to tackle any viewing environment

To offer a great surfing experience regardless of screen size or device, a layout has been coded with HTML5 to deliver a fully responsive website design. That means, according to the user’s device or screen size, website layout would be tweaked and adjusted to offer a great buying experience.

Our testing team has tested the layout in various browsers and devices with varied screens to ensure best results.

One Step Checkout Process

Previously, the website had a five-step default Magento checkout which seems very time consuming and requires users to follow five steps in order to make a final purchase. This could create a negative experience and confusion to many customers.

We have implemented one step checkout process, which offers all the options on a single page and your customers can fill all the information in steps directed in page design, Instead of waiting for each step to load in the default checkout process. The checkout page has been designed to offer optimal simplicity to customers and optimized properly to load quickly.

Thus, we could able to deliver a design that offers 100% client’s satisfaction along with proper design optimization to increase website conversations and user experience.
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