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After the introduction of eBay’s new active content policy, things become very difficult for eBay store designers to create a fancy layout without using a script, flash, jquery or forms especially when you are designing a multi-lingual template that shows translated content to viewers based on language selection.

Our expert eBay shop designers at eBay Ninja love to accept the kind of challenge which requires extensive efforts & hard work to accomplish client’s requirement.

Last month we have worked with Italy based client with a large customer base spread over three main languages Italy, Germany, and English. Having a multi-lingual template with these three languages was essential to retain the eBay sales and gain more customers.

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Services Offered
  • Bulk Product Uploading into Magento from eBay
  • M2E PRO Setup & Training
  • Custom eBay Listing Template with Language Switch
  • Marketplace Expansion & Training

Custom Magento Attributes for Each Language

Customer’s new website design was built around 1920 width and when we analyze customer’s analytic accounts, a huge percentage of visitors were using 1920 screen Size so we decide to go with a full-width layout to match with the website design.

Above the Fold Priorities

Previously we used to work with Google Translate API to build a multi-lingual template that switches data on specific language selection. With the restriction on the use of active content that options have been eliminated and we had to find a way to store pre-translated data.

Thanks to M2E PRO’s ability to retrieve information from Magento product tags. We have created separate attributes for each and every data that we want to pass to our eBay listing in a different language. Thus, three language attribute sets for eBay title, eBay description have been created to store translated content.

M2E PRO Listing Template

Based on client’s branding needs, our experienced designers have delivered a template that is mobile responsive, compatible to all browsers and comply with eBay’s new active content policy and guideline along with displaying data in three different languages to cover the customers from Italy, Germany, and English countries.

eBay to Magento Bulk Product Uploading

It’s another service we have achieved our expertise in. If you have worked with Magento, you may know how difficult it is to upload products manually especially if all products are configurable products with 10-12 variation.

With our expertise, we have extracted eBay listing from client’s eBay account and imported all listings into Magento with bulk CSV product uploads, enabling clients to connect live eBay listings smoothly retaining sales history.

eBay and Amazon Channel Expansion

Having multiple eBay and Amazon accounts, we provided consultation on the best possible way to manage all accounts through M2E PRO and helped to expand other sales channels based on client’s priorities.

  • May 30, 2020
  • eBay
  • M2E PRO
  • Magento



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