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Services Offered
  • Cloud server setup,domain, hosting and SSL configurations
  • Magento 2 website design & development from scratch
  • Creating Magento products from existing eBay listings
  • Magento to eBay & Amazon integration
  • Custom eBay shop & Product template design

When it comes to creating a beautiful website, our team of web designers and developers works hard to deploy a fully functional e-commerce website which our customers can rely on to create their own profitable sales channel.

Read our detailed case study on how we helped Little Mountain Outdoors, A sports retailer with a physical stores, to establish their own online sales channels on website, eBay, and Amazon.

Creating Products in Magento from eBay Listing:

The majority of our customers are successful eBay sellers and willing to import their products into Magento directly from their eBay account and live listings.

With our expertise in creating Magento products in bulk, we have exported product information from customer’s eBay listings and created products into Magento with all the essential information including product title, description, images, custom attributes, eBay item specifics, eBay primary categories, store categories and other data associated with shipping and return policies.

At eBay Ninja, we use smarter technology and tools to avoid any repetitive labor work required to create products in Magento and offer a complete solution without customer’s involvement.

As a result, the customer has all products in his Magento catalog with exact same categories and eBay item specifics. Thus, the need of adding products manually to Magento is eliminated.

UX Friendly Design Built to Generate Sales:

When you are starting your own e-commerce website as your sales channel, it is pretty evident that you would want your eBay/Amazon customers to return to your website and purchase from the website instead of the marketplace.

Offering the same trust and feasibility for purchasing products becomes essential. Our expert graphic designers have designed all the pages carefully with the aim of converting each visit into a potential sales lead.

UNLIMITED DESIGN CHANGES is one of our key businesses, offering such services that our customer enjoys working with us. We have presented an initial layout for each page and then confirmed the design based on suggestions/changes that are given by the customers before its final implementation is done.

Additionally, we design each page taking inspiration from the websites of successful brands and integrating those factors into the design, which is 100% customized without using any readymade theme.

Responsive Website Compatible to All Screen Devices and Browser:

Along with delivering a website design that complies with the latest HTML5 technology and W3C guideline, our testing team ensures that the layout looks great on all browsers and devices with varied screen sizes.

Every asset on the websites has been coded to ensure it performs well irrespective of the device screen size or user’s viewing environment.

Magento 2 to eBay and Amazon Integration:

Creating a multi-channel system through which customer can manage all their online sales channels from asingle dashboard is another expertise we have achieved with years of experience of selling on eBay and Amazon on behalf of our customers.

Being an official M2E PRO partner, we have successfully completed 100+ Magento to eBay/Amazon integration. As a result, customers can easily create new product listing, manage stock and process orders directly from the Magento website dashboard.

Payment Gateway and Shipping Profile Integration:

Having a new website, it is always good to choose a payment gateway that your buyers can trust, and what could be a better option than PayPal?

Paypal Express checkout has been integrated into the website, which enables buyers to purchase with one click if they already have a Paypal account.

Various shipping rules have been implemented based on total order value, customer’s location, and product weight.

Royal Mail and Parcelforce are integrated as shipping carriers to make the order processing easier.

OneStep Checkout & Add to Cart Popup:

Even if your website visitors make their mind to purchase products from your website, a lengthy and complex checkout procedure can result into website abandonment.

Instead of using Magento’s default checkout procedure, we have implemented a one-step checkout method in which customers can fill all the data on a single page.

Various sections like billing information form, available shipping methods, payment method selection, order review sections are placed strategically, and very meaningful way allowing the customer to review all information in one glance without scrolling.

Additionally, we have displayed a popup menu that allows customers to add any products into Cart without going through the product detail page. This is a very good features for returning customers and eliminates a step in the overall checkout process.

Live Chat & Mail Integration:

Great customer support and after-sales engagements are two things that can make your business stand apart from other websites.

With the integration of live chat, customers can talk with a real human and ask for any difficulties he faces while purchasing the product.

Mailchimp has been integrated as email marketing software to ensure proper engagement with customers before and after-sales on various events like order purchase, cart abandon, newsletter subscription, account creation, etc.

Google Analytics E-Commerce Conversion Tracking:

Last but not the least, tracking your website sales is crucial if you want to analyze your marketing spent precisely.

With e-commerce conversion tracking, customers can easily evaluate the performance of various marketing campaigns and decide to invest smartly on result proven products and channels.




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