Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration  Products Uploading, M2E PRO Listing Mapping & Management-min
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eBay Store
Services Offered
  • Migrating products from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • Importing Live eBay Listing to Magento 2 , mapping with Magento products and syn chronizing
  • M2E PRO configuration for Magento 2
  • eBay Shop and Listing Template Revamp

Complexity of the Project & Our Process

The customer had live multi-store Magento 1 website with great monthly sales & growing customer base and connected to multiple eBay accounts through M2E PRO platform.

The objective was not only to transfer 1000+ products to new Magento 2 platform but also maintain the live connection to all eBay accounts and implement a data migration plan that doesn’t require pausing any marketplace accounts or accessibility to the current website.

To fulfill client’s objective, a separate server has been set up for Magento 2 where we could implement all functionalities without affecting the current website and M2E PRO settings.

In last 5 years, we have uploaded 1 million+ products into Magento platform through bulk CSV upload for various clients and we utilized same experience of bulk uploading from Magento 1 to Magento 2 platform along with importing precise attribute values, product data, images and other information which were personalized for each store view in Magento 1 website without use of single plug-in.

As a result, the client doesn’t require even adding single product manually on the website.

Please review our eBay shop and template design and let us know how we did!

Marketplace Integration

After importing all products in exactly same manner, we have initiated marketplace integration with help of M2E PRO.

Client’s eBay account has been connected to M2E PRO and existing listings have been imported as third party listing and mapped it with related products In Magento 2.

Various M2E PRO listings have been created to support the vivid range of product categories for better management of products on Marketplaces and seamless inventory synchronization have been implemented for enabling marketplace management through M2E PRO.

All tasks have been carried out in a very controlled manner that doesn’t harm or flush the previous sales history of client’s eBay listing.

Custom eBay Shop & Template

At last, a team of creative graphic designers has been assigned to revise a design of customer’s eBay shop and product listing template.

As you can see in the screenshot above, Store header has been designed to demonstrate the unique business offering and customer benefits purchasing from customer’s website.

Value proposition text has been added with special graphics and vector icons to capture the quick attention of viewers.

Detailed category section has been added to highlight key/most selling product categories.

An active content free listing template has been designed with 100% mobile responsiveness to create a great product presentation which strives to increase sales conversion rate of products.

  • May 30, 2020
  • eBay
  • M2E PRO
  • Magento



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