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  • Magento 2 Product Migration
  • M2E PRO Listing Migration
  • eBay & Amazon policies Migration
  • Custom eBay Storefront & M2E PRO Template Design
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M2E PRO Configuration & eBay Listing Migration to Magento 2

As popularity and demand of Magento 2 grows, if you have a website on Magento 1 you should think of upgrading to Magento 2 to take advantage of its simple structure and other functional benefits.

Recently, we collaborated with Tone Shapers, a seasoned online store that sells guitar parts and accessories – they wanted to migrate their website from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Migrating to a new version of Magento is a cumbersome task that consumes both efforts and time and can delay the time-to-market your products. Nonetheless, if you want to migrate to Magento 2, you need to re-upload all the products into Magento 2. Moreover, you must take care of all
the product images, custom attributes and sales history associated with products and customers.

This is where eBay Ninja helps you, we provide complete Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration services that take care of your entire product catalog, customer database, and order database so all your important data stays intact in Magento 2.

Additionally, if you are managing your marketplace listings through solutions like M2E PRO, we also take care of sales history associated with such solutions, including all your existing eBay and Amazon listings to implement migration that transfers all your live listings in the exact same format as your Magento 1 store. Thus, allowing you to manage all your products and marketplace listings on Magento 2, in the same way, you would manage on Magento 1.

To successfully migrate all the products, our Magento developers perform a database to database migration of products, customers, and orders, thus eliminating the need to add data manually.

M2E PRO policies and configuration are implemented for creating M2E PRO listings, store policies associated with customer’s eBay and Amazon accounts. We provide training and consultation to the customer to enable him/her to get familiar with the M2E PRO module on Magento 2 too.

Additionally, we have designed custom eBay storefront and M2E PRO product listing template to update customer’s eBay storefront as per the new website design and revised all existing eBay listings to the new template.

All tasks have been executed carefully ensuring all data associated with sales history stays intact on Magento 2 and on marketplace accounts.



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