“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” sadly it applies to your e-commerce store and product presentation, as well. Especially when you are selling luxury products that cost a fortune to buy them, first. No wonder, you need to convince customers to make a transaction on their first visit.

Recently, we collaborated with an eBay US seller with 1M+ sales revenue and 100% positive customer feedback. Having said that, a new store template needed to be designed with a focus to increase sales and buyers’ experience for them.

With a detailed analysis and research, our eBay designers successfully created and delivered a template that satisfied the customer’s need for a professional branding. We deployed the following features.

Brand Recognition:

Our eBay store template design closely matched with the customer’s e-commerce website. This increased the chance of eBay sellers buying directly from the website instead of eBay, thus omitting eBay’s commission on sales of products.

Mobile Responsive & Cross-Browser Compatible Design:

Often, several eBay designers don’t create mobile-friendly eBay storefronts, they only focus on listing templates to be mobile-friendly. With our design structure and deep knowledge of eBay’s coding standards, we deliver a responsive eBay store template that allows customers to view this store on any mobile devices and/or browsers.

Dynamic Categories:

It’s hard to assign products to eBay store categories when your product range is spread across 1000+ categories. Furthermore, eBay only allows a maximum 500 store categories to each seller.

To create better navigation that focuses on categories, we implement a custom Jason script that displays product categories based on product brands and has a dynamic search link without being dependent on eBay store categories.

Our superior program coding ability enabled us to deliver smooth navigation experience in the template design that ensures an easy reach of each brand that the customer sells and eradicates the cumbersome effort of manually assigning products to each category.

Promotional Sliders:

A dynamic banner allows customers to replace banners anytime directly from the website’s FTP, without modifying codes in their eBay account.

About US Section with Business Offering:

Your store template design should have a clear message about who you are and why people should buy from you.

Every eBay template we build, includes the About Us section in a design that gains customer’s trust through positive business presentation and value offering. It also includes “Key Business Offering” and other important information to make a buying decision.

Buyer Engagement Section:

Many eBay sellers ignore the importance of “Newsletter subscription” and “Add to favorite” functions offered by eBay. If used in a proper manner, you can bring potential and repeat visits of buyers who have purchased through your eBay store, earlier.

We have included these two default functions from eBay in the template for better buyer engagement.

Matching Product Listing Template:

We design an eBay product listing template and integrate it with the customer’s listing tool so he/she can update all existing eBay listings hassle-free.

Our customized listing template follows eBay’s latest active content policy and technical guidelines for obtaining maximum exposure benefit from eBay’s search results.

Services Provided

  • eBay Store Template Customization
  • Dyanamic Store Categories
  • Integration of Listing Template with Third-party Listing Tool

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