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How challenging it would be if you get to re-design your own store and still need to integrate wow factor in your design! A few years back, we have designed a custom eBay shop and product template for Just Horse Riders, a UK based e-commerce firm specialized in selling horse accessories & rider clothing.

In the past few years, there’s a considerable change in design trends and eBay policies. In 2016, eBay introduced new active content policies that have changed the entire scenario of creating a customized eBay shop; new restrictions were imposed on certain elements that we used to include in former eBay shop layouts.

There was a need for re-designing the current eBay shop which complies with eBay’s latest policies and yet create an impressive and modern layout that helps in branding among eBay buyers.

With a detailed analysis of product niche and customer’s branding initials, we succeed to deploy 100% custom eBay shop which fulfills all requirements giving priorities to all KPI.

A Full Width Layout Design:

Customer’s new website design was built around 1920 width and when we analyze customer’s analytic accounts, a huge percentage of visitors were using 1920 screen Size so we decide to go with a full-width layout to match with the website design.

Above the Fold Priorities:

The top navigation is filled with most important product categories and placed with a nice product icon for better visual appeal, promotional banners have been added to highlight key brand/products offering, and the search bar is placed strategically so buyers can search anything they need with just one click.

Shop By Category & Key Business Offering:

Regardless of how many products you have, you want your customers to navigate to the categories which make you most profit or categories with most products in stock. Each category banners has been designed with great aesthetics along with a business introduction video.

Along with the visually appealing category section, we have highlighted the 8 KPI which plays an important role in driving sales from eBay and establishing trust among eBay buyers. This helps buyers to make a quick decision through the customer’s eBay store.

A Quick Reach to Products, Important Links and Popular Brands:

Along with highlighting top categories, we have included three more sections that work as navigation to buyers while viewing products and ensure quick reach to important sections of the store.

Newly listed product highlights the 12 new products, brand slider offers buyers to view products of that specific brand, and footer encompasses the links to store’s policies pages and category pages with a quick button for the newsletter, contact seller, and saves customer’s store to their favorite list.

A matching product listing template has been designed which presents the full-width image gallery with thumbnail, creatively designed section for price, brand, newsletter and contact seller button just below the image gallery, tabs section to display product information, the key business offering section and footer for quick reach to other section of the store.

The customer has been using M2E PRO to manage their eBay listings from Magento. With our years of experience with M2E PRO, we have integrated our product template into M2E PRO and revised all existing eBay listings to a new template without losing any sales history.

Please review our eBay shop and template design and let us know how we did!



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Customer’s Feedback

It’s the second time we hired Nirav for our eBay store design. Nirav surprises me everytime with his creative ideas and thinking without much input from your side. Always eager to create better design and happy to do any changes without any additional cost.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyonw who is looking for eBay store design.

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