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  • Customized eBay storefront
  • WP Lister integration with eBay
  • Mobile responsive WP lister template
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When you have a new eBay account, you don’t care much about customizing design as your main focus is to bring sales with positive customer feedback but gradually when you eBay account grows and you start seeing positive reviews, it’s time to go for customized design template that represents your brand.

At this point, your focus is to represent your brand value to eBay customers and establish a strong visual relationship a way that encourages them to search your business and purchase from your own e-commerce website eliminating the eBay/Amazon commissions as at this point you might have already established trust with them.

Last month, we got an opportunity to work with one of the top-rated Australian seller selling electrical items at wholesale rates. Having a website on WooCommerce and eBay channel being managed through WP Lister, we have designed a custom eBay shop and product listing template that increase the brand reorganization.

eBay storefront template is been integrated with elements like promotional banners, key business offering, top-selling categories, easier navigation to reach hundreds of categories, latest products, featuring business location with Google map and footer with plenty of important links.

A mobile responsive matching product listing template has been created with elements like Media gallery with zoom option on click, all available payment & shipping options and other plenty of elements to keep viewers engaged and interested in knowing more about the business.

Having experience building 1000+ templates, at eBay Ninja we ensure that the design we deliver comply with eBay’s latest active content policy and technical guideline along with testing the design on various browser and devices.
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