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Services Offered
  • Redesigning eBay Shop & Product Template
  • Active Content Free & Responsive Design
  • Integration with Neto
  • Consultation & Support on Updating Listing with New Template

100% Mobile Responsive Template That Comply with New Active Content Policy

At eBay Ninja, we always strive to enhance our knowledge by accepting the challenge of working with new platforms that our customers use to manage their sales on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

Last month we got an opportunity to design eBay shop and product listing template for, an Australian local business having great sales and reputation on eBay and operating eBay through Neto platform.

Key Objectives

Design & code template that comply with new eBay active content policy

Enhance the sales appeal by creating user friendly & 100% Mobile responsive design

Integration of Listing template With Neto platform

Updating existing listing without harming the sales history of listing.

Design Process

A basic wireframe has been prepared by our creative team of graphic designers to demonstrate the structure of shop template and placement of different design elements and sent to client for initial approval.

Based on initial approval of wireframe, we have designed an eBay shop template that helps customers recognize our customer’s brand at first sight and a listing template that represents adequate product information in a best possible manner to increase sales conversion.

At eBay Ninja, we offer 100% flexibility on design revisions and take care of client’s input regardless of what efforts we have put in our original design.

To ensure 100% client satisfaction, we deliver templates in JPG image to our customers which gives them a precise idea of how the actual store will look once integrated with eBay account. The same process has been followed for Hunting Heaven and design has been sent for approval before integration.

Neto Integration & Updating Existing Listing

After design approval, the process of integration of our designed template with client’s eBay account has been initiated. Our programmer has created HTML coding that is W3C validated and comply with eBay’s new active content policy.

We have tested templates in various devices and browsers to ensure that our design is 100% mobile responsive and provide pleasant viewing experience to customers regardless of their screen size or device.

Listing template has been coded with eBay product tags supported by Neto to ensure dynamic updating of a template and flawless integration that allows a client to perform bulk product updating on eBay.

A Skype meeting has been arranged with a client to demonstrate how to use our template for listing new products to eBay though Neto or updating the design of existing listing through eBay.

At the end, we succeed to deliver a template that enhances sales performance, comply with new active content policy and integration with Neto that allows regular management of sales channel with a new template as well.

  • May 30, 2020
  • eBay
  • M2E PRO
  • Magento



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Customer’s Feedback

eBay Ninja has done a fantastic job on this project, very happy with the outcome and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others.

– Jocelyn Reynolds,