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eBay Store
Services Offered
  • Neto configuration with eBay AU account
  • eBay store template Design
  • Product listing template design and its integration into Neto
  • Listing products on eBay
  • Training and Support
At eBay Ninja, we focus on creating a smarter, multi-channel solution through which customers can easily manage their products across sales channels from a single dashboard while simultaneously implementing automating their inventory and order management processes.
Recently we collaborated with Australia’s leading bollards & safety equipment manufacturer for deploying eBay as an additional sales channel on their website.

For seamless and faster e-commerce operations, our multi-channel experts recommended implementing default eBay/Amazon integration offered by Neto.

For rendering a personalized shopping experience to eBay customers, we configured various eBay sales profiles and templates based on the product categories that suitably matched with each eBay category listing.

For hassle-free shipping, payment and return policy. For implementing automation that synchronizes the product inventory between Neto and eBay, and for importing orders from eBay to Neto stringent eBay business policies have been used.

Key features of Neto to eBay integration:

A few clicks to create new eBay listings in bulk directly from Neto backend.

Seamless process of adding new products to eBay listings through Neto. The existing product catalog on Neto is the primary data source for eBay listings, hence you can add new products in the Neto database which will automatically populate on the eBay site.

Creating a unique price and reserve quantity settings for e eBay listings different from website’s price & inventory settings.

A customize listing template design integrated into Neto to create professional eBay listings with a custom design.

Product inventory automatically synchronizes between Neto and eBay and vice versa.

eBay orders are imported into Neto to upload tracking and shipment information and to update back on eBay.

Hassle-free and automated order invoice and tracking emails for eBay customers.

For better sales revenue, we have customized the eBay storefront and product listing template design that exactly matches with the customer’s e-commerce website. With the eBay template as a website, it increases brand reorganization and a greater possibility of direct lead generation on the company’s website.

Thus, a fully functional, multi-channel system deployed on the Neto system enables 100% reliable management of eBay sales directly from Neto backend.

Review the detailed information on Neto to eBay integration.



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