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Multi-Channel Sales Set-up for Loose Diamond & Jewelry Seller with Help of Valigara Solutions

When you want to sell your products on multiple platforms, having a solution that enables you to manage listing on all platforms from single dashboard can become the biggest cause of your success in the multi-channel world./p>

This includes listing products on multiple sites, automatic inventory synchronization across all channels regardless of the order you generate from each platform, revising products on all channels and importing all orders into one place where you can process efficiently and manage customers more smoothly compared to managing on different platforms individually.

We believe ourselves fortunate if we get an opportunity to learn about a new platform that makes the sellers “Super Sellers” and help then in selling product in such a manner.

Last month, we learned about new platform named Valigara which is built with keeping in mind the specific needs of jewelry sellers and only focus on selling diamonds and jewelry products.

Our main objective was to design an awesome eBay shop and Listing template and its integration with Valigara so the client can list the products on eBay with a custom designed listing template.

But, having full access to the platform allowed us to get aware of the different functionalities it provides for jewelry sellers and this adds one new platform in our knowledgebase for which we would be able to provide full integration services in near future.

Honestly, we are quite impressed with the arrangement of inventory, listing channel modules and simple user interface of the platform which allow any beginner to quickly be comfortable with platforms. The most important thing was the no. of channels are allowed to sell, which were highest among all other platforms available as multi-channel in the market.

This opportunity also allowed us to add new services under eBay Ninja’s root which is solely built for jewelry sellers and focus on selling jewelry products only.

Similar to other eBay Shops designed by eBay Ninja, we designed 100% custom eBay shop and template keep in mind branding objectives and delivered a design that is great in all aspect of representing jewelry and diamond products.

  • May 30, 2020
  • eBay
  • M2E PRO
  • Magento



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Working with Nirav for very long time. First delivered awesome eBay shop now working on my own Ecommerce website.

- Great work so Far!!!