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eBay Store
Services Offered
  • SolidComerce Integration
  • Custom Storefront and Listing Template
  • Creating Product Datafeed for Bulk Listing
  • Inventory and Order Syncronization
  • Training, Consultation & Support

1500+ Product Listing Listed and Optimized with Complete Automation

Selling on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, centralize inventory system can play a great role when selling a large inventory of products.

Especially, when you don’t have time to manage your products and update pricing frequently based on trends and other seller’s price.

Winning a price battle is as essential as creating an impressive layout and to achieve complete automation on pricing and product template updating, eBay Ninja suggested Solid commerce as a tool for managing multi-channel inventory and product listing.

As it is perfume shop, it becomes very important to have a graceful design and integration. There were around 6500 products categorized across 300+ brands.

In such a scenario, creating a design that provides easy navigation and product accessible design was the key objective.

With our creative mind and help of UX expert, we are able to implement elements in a design that provides quick access to key product categories and buyers can search for a specific product in just a second.

Dynamic store category widget has saved a lot of efforts and we could display 300+ categories in just a small piece of code without doing any hard work. As people are brand-centric, that navigation helped a lot to find best brands from the category.

At the end result, We could able to list 6000+ product listing on eBay without listing it manually and also have full control over price and visual appearance through a custom template.

We always believe in smart work and thanks to Solid Commerce for its rock-solid apps that allow us to achieve the big goal in short time span.



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Would definitely work again! great work and awesome communication! built an awesome ebay store template

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