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eBay Store
Services Offered
  • eBay Store & Listing Template Design
  • M2E PRO Set-up & Integration
  • Inventory & Order Synchronization
  • Live eBay listing import & mapping within Magento
  • Training and support

Custom eBay Shop, M2E PRO Listing Template and Advanced Inventory Synchronization

Key Objectives

Creating custom shop & listing template that reflects design as original website

Setting up M2E PRO & connecting inventory with four eBay accounts, eBay USA, eBay CA, eBay Au and eBay UK.

Synchronizing product inventory with 4 accounts & keeping up to date product inventory by automatic revisions for each account

Creating custom product attributes within Magento to fulfill the marketing needs of keeping different title and price as per country currency and other factors for each individual accounts

Importing live eBay listing listed by third party tools to Magento and mapping it efficiently within Magento to manage further operation

Executing entire process without harming the performance or disabling the current operation of selling on eBay

Custom eBay Shop, M2E PRO Listing Template and Advanced Inventory Synchronization

We always love new challenges when it comes creating multi-channel eCommerce solutions for our clients a way that helps them manage an operation of selling on multiple accounts smoother and faster.

CoolWatch31, Japan-based premium watch sellers having five different accounts on, e,,, and, wanted to establish a centralized system to manage inventory and single dashboard to manage other eBay specific operations.

Along with synchronizing inventory with all accounts, the objective was to deliver a solution that allows him to manage few things separately for each account without disturbing product inventory and customizing a listing template for each account.

After analyzing the objectives and functional feasibility, experts at eBay Ninja delivered a solution that fulfills all clients’ expectation of selling on multiple eBay sites smoothly utilizing the power of M2E PRO.

Before making any implementation within Magneto, it was important to keep the history and stat of live listing. With third-party import feature of M2E PRO, we have imported the live eBay listing of all five accounts and map it to a related product in Magento.

Thus, taking the control over from third party tool to M2E PRO is done smoothly along with running a couple of inventory sync tests to ensure robust integration.

With help of M2E PRO, we were able to link four different eBay accounts to Magento which is the source of all product inventory of the business. Few account specific attributes have been implemented separately within Magento to fulfill the need of specifying different listing title and price as per country wise. Common product attributes are created at a global level so the client doesn’t need to add value to each attribute separately for each account.

Along with setting up the multi-channel inventory system, having an impressive design of storefront and listing template that matches with client’s authentic branded watches was the top priority of the business.

Our creative graphic designers have understood the business offering, unique customer value propositions, and brand value and designed a storefront and listing template that impress buyers at first sight and also represent all product attributes in very impressive manner.

Our delivered listing template design comprises of a call to action functions, dynamic image media gallery, dynamic buy it now, add to cart, add to wishlist buttons, automatically related product sections pulled with custom JavaScript and other important features that just not impress but also helps in increasing overall sales.

Thus, with help of custom functions within M2E Pro and our expertise in M2E PRO integrations helped us to deliver a solution that fulfills all clients’ needs efficiently.

  • May 30, 2020
  • eBay
  • M2E PRO
  • Magento



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