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  • Creating a custom design for vehicle compatibility section
  • Uploading a CSV file with millions of rows of vehicle compatibility
  • Developing a custom extension & database optimization

Magento Extension Development for an Automotive Seller

If you are an automotive seller, you know the importance of displaying vehicle’s compatibility data with each of your product in the most efficient manner your customers can see or search.

Marketplaces like eBay and Amazon gives high priority to vehicle compatibility data (Year, Make, Model, Engine, Trim) and implement their search mechanism based on their product catalog data offered by all automotive sellers.

Vehicle compatibility data plays an extreme role in offering the most relevant product to your customers that is compatible with their vehicle based on their selection of the year, make and model and helps to narrow down the results from a catalog of millions of products.

It is a very complex process to upload vehicle compatibility data to catalog and utilize that data in a manner that offers efficient search options to end users.

To make the entire process of uploading vehicle compatibility data easier, eBay Ninja has developed a custom Magento extension which Automotive sellers can use to easily upload vehicle compatibility to their product catalog in the backend and offers custom search section to their customers which they can use to search products based on compatibility data.

Uploading Compatibility Data:

Each of product SKU can be compatible with thousands of vehicle models of the same or multiple brands making a huge database.

We have implemented a very simple process, all you need to do is to create a CSV file with product SKU and all compatibility data columns (Year, Make, Model, Trim, Engine) and then you can add a single raw for each vehicle model and repeat the same raw with same Product SKU.

As a result, you would have a CSV file in which each row contains the separate vehicle model.
The database has been designed in a way that offers the quickest result of compatible products from millions of product entries.

We have implemented a database logic that fetches compatible products in the quickest way, from millions of entries.

Displaying a Custom Search on Website Frontend for Customers:

Uploading compatibility data is not enough, we need to make sure your end users can easily search for any part that is compatible with their vehicle.

We have implemented a custom a search section named “Search for your vehicle” which allows end users to search progressively for the products compatible with their vehicle.

Along with the basic search bar, we have added five drop-down menus of year, make, model, engine, and trim which users can use to select their cars.

Each dropdown loads data based on the selection of the input from the previous drop-down means selecting a specific year from the first dropdown will load all the vehicles models from that specific year and same way selecting “make” which displays all vehicle models of that specific manufacturer and so on.

Thus, ensuring accurate result and ease for users to search for products with a few clicks from a large catalog.

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