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  • M2E PRO Configuration with eBay & Amazon
  • Bulk Product Importing Into Magento
  • Custom eBay Shop and M2E PRO Listing template
  • Inventory Sync and Multi-Channel Set-up
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Socal Clothing Enjoys Multi-Channel Selling Set-up with use of M2E PRO, StitchLabs and Amazon FBA

When you have inventory stored in Amazon FBA warehouse and processing orders through Amazon FBA for other channels as well, it becomes essential to set-up the inventory synchronization and order processing correctly that process data quickly to Amazon FBA.

Last month we got an opportunity to work with local clothing seller who had great sales on Amazon and wanted to have his own e-commerce website and eBay as two additional channels.

Importing Products from Amazon to Magento

Having empty Magento store, our first priority was to create a product catalog on Magento that consists of the same product as on Amazon account so later, we can sync amazon listing and create new listings on eBay through Magento.

We have exported the Amazon inventory along with all necessary products attributes like Amazon feature bullets, product description, color and size variations, stock, title and other important information and converted that data into CSV file to bulk upload into Magento.

With our expertise in data migration and product importing, we have created 500+ simple products to be used as variation and 100+ configurable product. This saves plenty of hours that client might need to spend on a manual product listing on Magento and made the process faster.

Special Magento script has been implemented to store images from Amazon image URLs into Magento catalog and to create child-parent product relationship for configurable products.

Custom M2E PRO template and eBay Integration

So far client was selling on Amazon only and had great sales figure. This encouraged adding two new additional sales channels for the customers, which are eBay and Magento.

As the website was built on Magento, we have used M2E PRO to integrate his eBay account and helped him to list and optimize eBay channel in best possible manner.

A custom M2E Pro listing template has been delivered to accomplish branding and increase sales at first view.

With our expertise with M2E PRO, we helped to import existing live listing into Magento, mapped imported listing with product catalog and sync the data for future changes.

Utilizing Stichlab for Order Processing and Inventory Synchronization

Setting up a multi-channel solution with Amazon FBA, the biggest challenge we faced is to send orders information to Amazon FBA account.

That means any order comes from Magento or eBay must be sent to Amazon FBA account for processing as that’s the real place where physical inventory is stored and being processed.

There’s no direct method available with M2E PRO or Magento that accomplish that. So, we have used StitchLabs as intermediate platforms to process orders and sync inventories.

We have also integrated StitchLabs with eBay, Amazon and Magento platforms and kept StitchLabs inventory as master inventory for eBay and Magento channels.

As a result, any updates from Amazon FBA inventory go to StitchLabs and that directly gets updated to eBay and Magento through StitchLabs and any order from Magento or eBay goes to StitchLabs to Amazon FBA.

As a result, sellers won’t need to worry about overstocked inventory or order processing anymore even after adding two additional channels.

Let us know how we did!!

  • May 30, 2020
  • eBay
  • M2E PRO
  • Magento



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