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At eBay Ninja, we have tried to shape our marketplace services a way that offers complete peace of mind to our customers who want to launch their store on eBay and Amazon for the first time. From recommending a right multi-channel solution for listing management to its configuration, we offer a complete solution and range of services under one roof!

Last month, we got an opportunity to work with one of the well established online stationery store, PulpAddiction. Having a website on Magento, we had suggested utilizing M2E PRO as a multi-channel solution for ease of simple management and day to day operations.

Key Project Deliverables:

Marketplace Consultation:

When you have a customer who is trying to launch their marketplace stores for the first time, it is necessary to make them aware of technical specification of each marketplace, rules, and restriction associated with seller account.

Our marketplace experts have provided proper consultation on choosing the right seller account subscription, setting up store policies and configuring other assets that comply with technical policy and guideline of eBay and Amazon.

A Complete M2E PRO Configuration: :

The customer wanted to focus his full energy and time on product sourcing and business growth and wanted us to execute other configurations that are necessary for successful store launch.

With eBay Ninja’s knowledge and expertise in marketplace domain, we have carried out a complete M2E PRO setup, from installing a solution, connecting customer’s eBay and Amazon accounts to its proper configuration and listing products directly from Magento to eBay and Amazon through M2E PRO system interface.

This includes creating all the store policies within M2E PRO, importing existing listings, listing new products on eBay/Amazon and configuring settings for inventory and order synchronization.

Custom eBay Shop and Template Design:

A custom branding is one of the things from “must-to-do” list if you really want to grow your online store and looking to establish a great relationship with your eBay/Amazon customers as well.

A customized template gives your store a unique identity and professional presentation to your listings, ultimately bringing leads to your website and builds a strong customer base.

We have created an eBay template design that matches closely with customer’s online website pupladdiction.com.au and created category structure that also matches closely with the website, thus offering a recognizable viewing experience to customers on eBay and Amazon as well.

Training and Support:

Our 1-0n-1 Training ensures that our customers understand the system properly and can utilize the system on a daily bases to manage their marketplace operations.

After completing the product listings and setup, our technical support team has conducted one-on-one training through Skype/TeamViewer screen sharing and ensures that a customer understood all the system settings properly for its regular use.

With our experience & expertise with M2E PRO and marketplaces, we were able to launch customer’s stores on eBay and Amazon with multi-channel setup (Centralize inventory & order management) and listed 1000 products on eBay and Amazon within one month of time.

If you are looking for a multi-channel solution to your business, feel free to contact us through the website and grab your free consultation today!!

Services Offered:

  • M2E PRO installation and configuration with eBay and Amazon accounts
  • Product listing creation on eBay and Amazon
  • Custom eBay store and listing template design
  • M2E PRO training and marketplace consultation

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