A smarter way of selling online on multiple platforms is an essential need of today’s competitive e-commerce market. When your inventories are moving quicker due to orders from multiple platforms, it is must to have a centralized system which you can use to manage your products across your online sales channels.

Flirtly Lashes, a growing e-commerce brand wanted to opt for centralized inventory management and product management system which they can access directly from their Ecwid store backend.

Codisto to eBay and Amazon Integration

Having a website on Ecwid, we have suggested Codisto for their website integration with eBay and Amazon. All their existing eBay/Amazon listings have been migrated into Codisto without impacting their past sales history. Our marketplace experts have carried out configuration which allows the customer to manage existing ebay/Amazon listings and create new product listings on eBay and Amazon directly from ECWID store backend.

Having said that, the new system with Codisto is able to synchronize stock across eBay/Amazon, import marketplace orders and create new product listings directly from Ecwid backend.

Integrating Branding with Customize eBay Storefront

We didn’t just stop there; we have created a professional storefront on eBay which matches closely with customer’s original website design to boost brand awareness.

Our designers have created a mobile responsive listing template that complies with eBay’s latest active content policy and technical guideline. We have also integrated our designed listing template into Codisto so the client can create new eBay listings with the professional look without any HTML adjustment.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

To create proper branding for Amazon store, we provided consultation to the customer to register their brand on Amazon and opt for enhanced brand content. This feature allows Amazon sellers to create custom-designed product pages which can increase the product sales and offer some freedom to represent content more creatively with banner images and other design elements.

Thus, delivered a complete solution, from creating a perfect multi-channel solution for eBay, Amazon and website product management to creating a professional presence on marketplaces.

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Services Provided

  • Codisto Installation and Configuration
  • EcWID to eBay and Amazon Integration
  • Custom eBay Store and Product Listing Template Design
  • Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Design

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