Hosted Multi-Channel Solutions and Plug-ins/Extensions for Marketplace Integration

When you have an e-commerce website managing your retail sales, it is a good idea to have that website connected with your other retail channels like eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Sears and all other platforms where you are selling your products. When your e-commerce store is connected to your marketplace accounts, product listing management, inventory updates,…


Difference Between eBay SEO & Google SEO

While optimizing eBay product listing for our clients, we have observed that so many product listings have been optimized with the basic principle of GOOGLE SEO and don’t perform well on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. This happens because of most of the businesses provides marketplace management to the same firm which provides them SEO…


Tips for Selling on eBay Successfully

How to Sell on eBay Like a Pro ? eBay has been a great saver for novices in e-commerce for decades now. For years together, eBay has been one of the top choices for online sellers. Selling on eBay is pretty much easier if you are aware of the basic tactics involved in online selling.…


eBay’s Cassini Search Algorithm Revealed

Ebay’s Cassini search is a boon to eBay sellers trying to get the right visibility on the portal. Years ago, there used to be a lot of transparency about how to get yourself listed amongst the top sellers on the eBay portal. The only basics involved were the right use of keywords. More use of…


Optimizing Your Product Listing on eBay

EXPERT’S TIPS ON OPTIMIZING EBAY PRODUCT LISTING ONLINE The eBay listings have to be optimized using the right analytical tools to get the desired outcome on eBay search engine. The best match results are purely an outcome of controlling factors which lead to search engine optimization. On eBay, it is very important to make a…